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Advanced Welding students built a frame to enclose header take up for Dotiki

Frame for Dotiki

Welding/Industrial Maintenance

Welding/Industrial Maintenance

Jonathan McNeily, Instructor

Welding for Maintenance                                                                

This course will provide basic instruction needed for student to weld using SMAW, MIG, TIG, and Oxy-Fuel.



Shielded Metal Arc Welding with Lab                                 
Teaches students the identification, inspection, and maintenance of SMAW electrodes; principles of SMAW; the effects of variables on the SMAW process to weld plate and pipe; and metallurgy. Provides laboratory experience in which the student acquires the manipulative skills
to perform fillet welds in all positions.

Gas Metal Arc Welding with Lab                      

Identification, inspection, and maintenance of GMAW machines; identification, selection and storage of GMAW electrodes; principles of GMAW; and the effects of variables on the GMAW process. Theory and applications of related processes such as FCAW and SAW and metallurgy are also included. Teaches the practical application and manipulative skills of Gas Metal Arc Welding and the proper safety precautions needed in this process. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals will be covered, as well as various joint designs on plate in all positions.

SMAW Groove Welds with Backing Lab        
Provides experience in which students acquire the manipulative skills to do groove welds in all positions with backing.

GMAW Groove Lab                                                                  
Teaches the method of operation and application of the GMAW process for welding groove welds in both ferrous and non-ferrous plate in all positions using both short circuiting and spray transfer where appropriate.

Cooperative Education II                                              
Cooperative Education provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the students’ educational objectives. Students participating in the Cooperative Education program receive compensation for their work.